Mobile Access to Sensor Network: A Use Case on Wildfire Monitoring

  • Sergio TrillesEmail author
  • Óscar Belmonte
  • Joaquín Huerta
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 290)


These networks provide large volumes of data in many different formats, resolution and scales. The data are of different types and character: from meteorological conditions to air quality and the concentrations of pollutants due to human activity, such as transportation or other industry-related actions. The work in this paper aims at increasing the interoperability and improving accessibility of data provided by sensor networks. To address this problem Geographic Information System (GIS) services, such as the Sensor Observation Service (SOS), in conjunction with Representational State Transfer (RESTFul) architecture are used. A standard-based solution that increases interoperability is presented. It also allows for a better integration of data already published in different semi-structured formats in order to be used by various platforms (web or mobile).Finally, we apply this system in a use case as wildfire monitoring, so it offers determine the state of a wildfire.


air quality sensors meteorological sensors heterogeneous sensor sources data interoperability RESTFul services wildfire 


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  • Sergio Trilles
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  • Óscar Belmonte
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  • Joaquín Huerta
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  1. 1.INITUniversitat Jaume ICastellnSpain

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