Service Adaptive Broking Mechanism Using MROSP Algorithm

  • Ashish TiwariEmail author
  • Vipin Sharma
  • Mehul Mahrishi
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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 28)


Cloud computing is an effort in delivering resources as a service. It represents a shift away from the era where products were purchased, to computing as a service that is delivered to consumers over the internet from large-scale data centers or clouds. As cloud computing is gaining popularity in the IT industry, academia appeared to be working in parallel for the rapid developments in this field. In a cloud computing environment now a days, the role of service provider is divided into two: Cloud Broker who manage cloud platforms and lease resources according to a usage-based pricing model, and service providers, who rent resources from one or many infrastructure providers to serve the end users. The aim of this research work is to deal with the scheduling of the requests on the basis of some parameters that we have identified to achieve the best optimal paths or cloud service provider allotment to the users. We have used rough set theory to generate the mathematical model. The algorithm is implemented in the cloud simulator CLOUDSIM in which cloudlets, datacenters, cloud brokers are created to perform the algorithms. Finally, we created a GUI for the user convenience so that both Cloud Service Provider and users can themselves analyze each other’s performance. We have reused some inbuilt packages of Cloudsim net beans to simulate the process.


Cloud Computing Cloud Service Providers Rough Set Theory Datacenters Cloudsim 


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