Ant Colony Optimization to Minimize Call Routing Cost with Assigned Cell in Wireless Network

  • Champa DasEmail author
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In this paper we have proposed a technique to minimize the cost of call routing with assigned cell in wireless network using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO). The two components that are considered for optimizing the call routing cost with assigned cell in wireless network are paging cost and handoff cost. It is assumed that the total network is divided into some location areas which are already known. When a terminal wants to set up a connection with another terminal, it will first search for the location of that. If the destination terminal is in the same location area it resembles to paging cost only, otherwise it resembles to both paging and handoff cost. Connection between two terminals in a wireless network can be established in a number of ways via different terminals. In this paper we have applied Ant Colony Optimization technique and other different algorithm to minimize the call routing cost. A comparative assessment of the execution time has been made among different call routing algorithm.


Cell assignment Ant Colony Optimization Wireless Network Call Routing Cost Handoff Cost Paging Cost 


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