Future Strain Properties of Multilayer Film Materials

  • Serhyi I. ProtsenkoEmail author
  • Larysa V. Odnodvorets
  • Ivan Yu. Protsenko
Conference paper
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This chapter is devoted to the strain properties of multilayer thin-film materials based on metals. Although this problem is the subject of study researchers, many questions remain poorly understood, which include the development of a theoretical model of the tensoresistive effect for multilayer films and a comparative analysis of its features in the range of elastic and plastic strain and temperature dependence of strain coefficient. This work also focuses on the question about increase of strain coefficient through the surface, grain boundary and interface scattering of electrons. The purpose of this work is analytical analysis of the known theoretical models of tensoresistive effect: linearized and three-dimensional Tellier–Tosser–Pichard models for one layer and semiphenomenological model for multilayer by authors of this work, which takes into account the dependence of the electron transport parameters (mean free path, specularity parameter and transmission coefficient at the boundary and interface). The purpose of this work was to compare the theoretical models and experimental results obtained in the field of elastic deformation and analysis of the temperature dependence of strain coefficient and the insufficiently explored question of magneto-deformation effect. The presented results allow us to more accurately describe the physical processes in the multilayer films under strain, especially to understand the processes in the elastic and plastic strain and the conclusion on the application of multilayer films as sensitive elements of sensors strain, magnetic field and pressure.


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The work was carried out with financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


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  • Larysa V. Odnodvorets
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