Capability Maturity Model Integration

  • Gerard O’Regan
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The Software Engineering Institute developed the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) in the early 1990s as a framework to help software organizations improve their software process maturity. The CMMI is the successor to the older CMM, and its implementation brings best practice in software and systems engineering into the organization. The SEI and many other quality experts believe that there is a close relationship between the maturity of software processes and the quality of the delivered software product.

The CMMI consists of five maturity levels with each maturity level (except level 1) consisting of a number of process areas. Each process area consists of a set of goals, and these must be implemented by a set of related practices in order for the process area to be satisfied. The practices specify what is to be done rather than how it should be done.

Processes are activities associated with carrying out certain tasks, and they need to be defined and documented. The users of the process need to receive appropriate training to enable them to carry out the process, and process discipline need to be enforced by independent audits. Process performance needs to be monitored and improvements made to ineffective processes.


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