Predicting Elevated Temperature Ratings of Polymeric Materials

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Product development cycles have become shorter with time, with companies standing to gain significantly by making their products available to the marketplace faster than what was typical to expect in the past. Even with this speed, producers need to comply with all quality and safety requirements, and consumers expect no less on these attributes. To this end, product developers and manufacturers have to work closely with their design teams to understand the customer’s demands and to meet the product’s performance, quality, and safety requirements. Specifically with safety, manufacturers have to understand end-use requirements as well as design a product that is expected to comply with all aspects of third-party safety certification. Faster cannot be synonymous with a loss in safety. Thus, speed in getting new products without loss of safety is a basic expectation of the marketplace and of society at large.


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By UL LLC in collaboration with NIST and contributing members of the UL 746B LTTA Forum. Special thanks to the contributing members of the UL 746B LTTA Forum who began work on this paper at the Service Life Prediction—A Vision for the Future Meeting in Monterey, California, on March 8, 2013:

Yodogawa, Masahide—AGC

Judovits, Larry—Arkema

Francke, Daniel—BASF

Krueger, David—BASF

Franssen, Hans—Bayer

Mckeiver, Michael G.—Dupont

Wicks, Roger C.—Dupont

Reitman, Maureen—Exponent

Endtner, Jochen—Lanxess

White, Christopher—NIST

Haruhara, Jun—Polyplastics

Shakir, Saleem—PolyOne

Van Nuffel, Claude—Styron

Sutter, Barb—Styron

Grover, Girish—Solvay

Chapin, J. Thomas—UL LLC

Fechtmann, George J.—UL LLC

Navarro, Noé P.—UL LLC


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