UV Shadow Moiré for Specular and Large Surface Shape Measurement

  • Changwoon HanEmail author
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Three dimensional shape measurement techniques using optical methods are extensively applied in many fields of industry for product development and quality control. High resolution, fast measurement, large vertical and horizontal detecting area, and being applicable regardless of materials are valuable factors for the techniques. Recently there are strong demands to develop the technique which can measure specular and large surface quickly in production process for quality control purpose. Shadow moiré can detect a large area due to the using a non-coherent light and measure in shorter time than scanning method but cannot be applied to specular surface. In the study, optical 3-D shape measurement technique based on shadow moiré is proposed. By adapting UV light instead of visible white light in shadow moiré, the new technique can measure even specular surface which was the limit of the existing shadow moiré. Also it can take full advantage of the heritage of shadow moiré; detecting a large area due to the using a non-coherent light and measuring in shorter time than scanning method. It can also increase vertical measuring range.


3-D shape measurement Shadow moiré UV light Specular surface 


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