Underwater 2D Mosaicing

  • Ricard PradosEmail author
  • Rafael Garcia
  • László Neumann
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The current chapter describes the main steps involved in the photo-mosaic building process. These steps comprehend the geometrical registration and warping of the images into a single common reference frame, along with an estimation of the topology of the trajectory performed by the UV, and a global alignment of the recovered trajectory. A widely extended geometrical registration strategy consists of identifying common image features between the involved images, using different image feature detectors. These image features, once identified, become correspondences that are used to estimate the camera motion between consecutive images, as well as to perform a global alignment of the estimated trajectory. Global alignment of all the involved images allows providing geometrical consistence to the underwater map. At the end of the chapter the problems and issues of the photo-mosaicing process are pointed out, with the aim of demonstrating the relevance of image blending techniques as a final step of the photo-mosaicing process.


Photo-mosaicing Image registration Image alignment Image warping Topology estimation Global alignment Deep-ocean surveys 


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