Robotic Bead Rolling

Exploring Structural Capacities in Metal Sheet Forming
  • Jared FriedmanEmail author
  • Ahmed Hosny
  • Amanda Lee


The robotic workflow proposed analyzes the bead rolling process, its potential digital interpretation, and improved fabrication aspects that accompany such a translation. For this process, a robotic tool has been developed that integrates multiple variables observed from existing bead rolling machines, while simultaneously allowing further control. Material-informed decisions required a series of tests evaluating optimum tool and workflow design. While the process provokes a multitude of potentialities, it has been put towards a structural behavior testing scenario to demonstrate its validity. It attempts to bridge analysis methods with prototyping as means of direct performance testing and evaluation. Deeply rooted within a parametric modeling environment, the workflow creates a single digital interface that links several platforms that otherwise are not in direct communication.


Bead rolling Forming Metal Robot tooling Mechanism 



This research was conducted under the guidance of instructor Andrew Witt and fabrication specialist Burton LeGeyt during the course: Expanded Mechanism/Empirical Materialisms at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Cambridge MA; Fall 2013.


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  1. 1.Harvard Graduate School of DesignCambridgeUSA

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