Design and Fabrication of Robot-Manufactured Joints for a Curved-Folded Thin-Shell Structure Made from CLT

  • Christopher RobellerEmail author
  • Seyed Sina Nabaei
  • Yves Weinand


The prototype presented in this chapter utilizes the technique of curved folding for the design of a thin-shell structure built from curved cross-laminated timber panels (CLT). The curved-folded geometry allows for a span of 13.5 m, at a shell thickness of only 77 mm. The construction requires curved line CLT joints, which are difficult to address with state-of-the-art jointing techniques for CLT. Inspired by traditional woodworking joinery, we have designed connections for the integrated attachment of curved CLT panels, utilizing digital geometry processing tools to combine the advantages of traditional joinery techniques with those of modern automation technology.


Curved folded plate structures Robot fabrication Cross-laminated timber Mono-material 


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  • Christopher Robeller
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    Email author
  • Seyed Sina Nabaei
    • 1
  • Yves Weinand
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  1. 1.EPFL Laboratory for Timber Construction IBOISLausanneSwitzerland

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