Happiness, Culture and Relations of Power

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The crux of this chapter lies in its exploration of the relationship between happiness, culture and relations of power. To that end, the existent theories and empirical research concerning the connection between culture and happiness are critically examined and supplemented by insights from anthropology, cultural psychology, cultural studies, history and neuroscience. Based on the latest empirical evidence and theoretical discussion this chapter questions the conceptualization of happiness as a universal experience, and suggests instead that it is a culturally and historically specific/singular notion and experience, the constitution of which is also closely connected to the workings of power.


Happiness and culture Happiness and relations of power History of happiness Cultural studies and happiness Anthropology of well-being Neuroscience of happiness Ethnocentrism and happiness Cross-cultural variations of happiness Universal notion of well-being Historical variations of happiness Criticism of survey happiness research Cultural neuroscience Cultural history of happiness 

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