Tactile Sensing via Micro Force/Moment Sensor

  • Anh-Van Ho
  • Shinichi Hirai
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In previous chapters, we introduced a model of a sliding soft fingertip, and proposed the idea of LDP, which dominates the stick-to-slip phase of sliding motion, and is considered important in assessing slip detection in soft tactile systems. We can use this model to analyze the slip action of a soft tactile system, predict responses from sensors during sliding, and propose an efficient method of detecting slippage. In this chapter, we show our attempt to fabricate a tactile soft fingertip with an embedded MFMS. We employ a 2-D BBM to elaborate the slip action and corresponding responses from sensors, then utilize the LDP idea to propose a slip detection method. As mentioned in Chapter 1, tactile systems with slip perception have been developed over the past 20 years with various proposals regarding design and perception. There is a trade-off between the precision of physical quantity measurement and the speed of slip detection. A precise sensing system that can bring an exact exerted force/moment to act on a fingertip cannot detect slippage in a timely way since measurement is implemented mostly in the static state. Conversely, a dynamically responding tactile system that is suitable for the detection of slippage can only respond to physical phenomena, yet exact values. In this research, we aim to combine both above issues in one design with the assistance of the LDP.


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