Drying of Fruits Pieces in Fixed and Spouted Bed

  • Odelsia Leonor Sanchez de AlsinaEmail author
  • Marcello Maia de Almeida
  • José Maria da Silva
  • Luciano Fernandes Monteiro
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 48)


Fruit culture is one of the most diversified and important agro industrial activities in Brazil. As long as the fruit production increases and exportation grows, it is necessary to reduce losses along the production chain. Spouted and fluidized bed driers, due the high rates of mass and heat transfer, could be an alternative in order to improve the product quality. This work is concerned with drying of fruits in cone-cylindrical spouted bed, using guava pieces as a case study. Fluid dynamic studies in spouted bed and fluidized bed indicate the feasibility of using this technique for drying pieces of fruits. The diffusional model proved to be satisfactory to describe the kinetics of drying in spouted and fluidized bed. The performance of the spouted bed dryer was analyzed based on final moisture content, the loss of vitamin C and rehydration capability. It was found that, in a general way, the combined fixed bed/spouted bed process presented good performance.


Spouted bed Fluidized bed Kinetics of drying Moisture content Fruit 



The authors would like to acknowledge CNPq, National Scientific and Technologic Development Council of Brazil for the scholarships and financial support.


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  • Marcello Maia de Almeida
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  • José Maria da Silva
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  • Luciano Fernandes Monteiro
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