Information Technology Model for Supporting Open Utility Market

  • E. GrabovicaEmail author
  • Dz. Borovina
  • S. Kovacevic
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This article gives a brief description of a role that an Information ­technology has in one power system company that operates in an open utility market. When we consider open energy market, it is well known that Utility sector in European Union has already been liberalized and all the steps in joining that market are defined in legislatives. When it comes to IT role in such a company, IT plays a significant role in adopting to a new market. This work describes some of IT segments critical for achieving those goals, that have already been or will be implemented in public company for producing, distributing and supplying electrical energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As mentioned, some of IT projects have already been implemented in order to prepare the company for the upcoming open market. However, some information systems still need to be implemented, as a crucial for a competitive position of a company in a new market.


Customer information system Billing Customer relationship management Disaster recovery 


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