Analyzing the Intellectual Structure of World Information Literacy Literature through Citations and Co-citations

  • Zehra Taşkın
  • Güleda Doğan
  • İpek Şencan
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 397)


Information literacy is one of the emerging topics for many fields in recent years. This paper aims to evaluate the field of information literacy by using bibliometrics and scientific visualization techniques. To achieve this aim, a total of 1.218 papers related to information literacy on Web of Science (Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index and Arts & Humanities Citation Index) were identified. Searches were carried out using the term “information literacy” and all data were unified and standardized to be able to make reliable evaluations. Publication and citation counts, their distribution to journals, authors, document types etc. and co-citation networks were used for evaluations. Findings of this study are important to reveal the pioneers and interdisciplinarity of the field of information literacy.


Information literacy citation analysis co-citation analysis mapping visualization 


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  • Zehra Taşkın
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  • Güleda Doğan
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  • İpek Şencan
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  1. 1.Department of Information ManagementHacettepe UniversityBeytepeTurkey

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