Information Culture, Media and Information Literacies in Russia: Theory and Practice, Problems and Prospect

  • Natalia I. Gendina
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 397)


The purpose of the survey is to analyze information literacy and media education in Russia, and to highlight their similarities and differences. It was commissioned by UNESCO’s Information and Communication Sector. The Russian publications on media education and information literacy were examined. The main results concluded that there is a domination of the term "information culture" in Russian-speaking research as a most capacious integrative concept in the sphere of information education. The term “information literacy” is not so popular and is not widely used. Schools, universities, libraries, mass media, professional associations and other institutions play a serious role in information literacy and media education. The problems and prospects of information and media literacy integration are discussed at international and national levels.


Information literacy information culture media literacy Russia 


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  • Natalia I. Gendina
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  1. 1.The Science Research Institute for Information Technologies in the Social SpheresKemerovo State University of Culture and ArtsKemerovoRussian Federation

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