Data Integrity Verification in Hybrid Cloud Using TTPA

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  • S. Jayashri
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Cloud computing is a growing technology in the field of IT enterprises that provides storage, compute and network resources as a service over the internet. It allows the user to move their application software and large databases to the data centres offered by multiple cloud service providers. Hence trusted enforcement of data and services out sourced on to cloud is a big challenging issue. In this paper we focus on the auditing mechanism in hybrid cloud using trusted Third Party Auditor (TTPA). Hybrid cloud is the one that connects public and private cloud and is useful when the dynamic scalability of service and data migration is needed. This resource expansion is required in the case of storage space limitation at private cloud, further to extend the outsourcing of data in public cloud. We propose a model in which the data is stored in private cloud, moves in to public cloud in case of storage expansion. In order to ensure the integrity and privacy of data, we utilize a Trusted Third Party Auditor (TTPA) to verify the correctness of the data stored in public cloud on behalf of the client. This enables public auditability of data. As a part of our work we carried out a remedy to attain a secure cloud storage services along with high secure data forwarding scheme among the cloud users. The Proposed code based scheme allows the user to verify the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) characteristics of the data with auditing mechanism. It guarantees strong cloud storage correctness, and also simultaneously predicts the misbehaving servers. This scheme is implemented on platform of Amazon web services, a universally accepted cloud vendor and the results are proven effective. This scheme works for all video, image, text files and supports dynamic operations also.


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