Detection and Characterization of Heme-Thiolate Compound II from AaeAPO PeroxygenaseOpen image in new window

  • Xiaoshi WangEmail author
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A kinetic and spectroscopic characterization of the unusual, high-valent Cys–FeIV–OH intermediate (compound II) from AaeAPO, the heme-thiolate peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita, is described. AaeAPO-II was generated by the reaction of ferric enzyme with mCPBA in the presence of nitroxides and detected with the use of fast-mixing UV-vis stopped-flow spectroscopy. The nitroxides served as a selective reductant of AaeAPO-I, reacting only slowly with AaeAPO-II. AaeAPO-II displayed a characteristic split Soret UV-vis spectrum (370 and 428 nm). Rapid-mixing, pH-jump spectrophotometry revealed a basic pK a of 10 for the FeIV–O–H of AaeAPO-II, indicating that AaeAPO-II is protonated under typical turnover conditions. Kinetic characterization showed that AaeAPO-II is unusually reactive toward a panel of benzylic C–H and phenolic substrates, with second-order rate constants in the range of 10–107 M−1 s−1. Our results demonstrate the important role of the axial cysteine ligand in increasing the proton affinity of the Fe-oxo, AaeAPO compound I, thus providing driving force of C–H bonds oxygenation.


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