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The modeling of knowledge and the modeling of context proceed, historically speaking, from two relatively independent enterprises. In an effort to bridge the gap between the two, the 13 essays collected in this book are all concerned with the notions of knowledge and context, the connections between them, and the ways in which they can be modeled, and in particular formalized. The question is of prime importance to such diverse disciplines as philosophy, linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.


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Five out of the 13 contributions to this volume originate from papers which were presented at the international workshop on “Epistemology, Context, Formalism” held at the MSH-Lorraine in Nancy, France, on November the 12th–14th, 2009. The workshop was organized under the auspices of the LHSP – Archives H. Poincaré (UMR 7117 CNRS), the Université Nancy 2, and the Dialogue, Rationality, Formalism Project (MSH-Lorraine, USR 3261). The rest of the authors were contacted after the workshop had taken place. They all accepted straight away to contribute a paper to our volume, and we thank them a lot for that, as well as for their great competence and patience.

We are grateful to the editors-in-chief of the Synthese Library series, Vincent F. Hendricks and John Symons, for their interest in publishing this book, and to the anonymous reviewer for his/her useful comments. Sandrine Avril has been a precious and reliable ally and we would like to thank her warmly for her invaluable help and efficiency in the technical work on the chapters.

Franck Lihoreau’s work on the book project was carried out at the Instituto de Filosofia da Linguagem, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in part within the “Context and Communication” project (PTDC/FIL/68643/2006), and in part within the “Argumentation, Context, and Communication” project (PTDC/FIL-FIL 110117/2009), both supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Manuel Rebuschi’s work on the project was carried out at the LHSP – Archives H. Poincaré, within the DiaRaFor project of the MSH-Lorraine (2008–2011).

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  2. 2.LHSP – Archives Henri Poincaré (UMR 7117)/MSH Lorraine (USR 3261)Université de LorraineNancyFrance

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