Match Fixing in Soccer: Organization, Structure and Policing. A Russian Perspective

  • Serguei CheloukhineEmail author


Fixing soccer games is a thriving business which will continue in the near and far future, unless some extreme mechanisms of control are put in place and implemented. All these illegal activities are derived from a social nature of human being, mercantile ambition, and thirst for glory and, of course, struggle for power. Every fixed match has its own character and goal. We will examine this phenomenon in three categories. First is aimed at receiving illegal profit. Second one is usually organized by club presidents and owners. Many of them are politicians, tycoons or “Russian Oligarchs” whose living credo is “victory by all costs”. The third one is splitting game scores. Soccer in Russia is not a sport competition but rather a business to make big money; buying and selling players, millions of dollars in advertisement contracts, television and the internet shows. This chapter attempts to investigate the nature and depth of match fixing in the Russian football and offer possible solutions to curb its growth.


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