Impact of Sports Betting and Corruption: Reflections from Uganda

  • Mulema Mukasa RichardEmail author


This chapter focuses on Uganda as one country with the insidious threat of sports betting and corruption with all its attendant manifestations. It seeks to examine how the national laws have sought to, or have failed to, regulate sports betting and gaming; how far have the sports bodies been ready to handle this affliction? Have the socio-economic factors contributed to this nascent problem? How has the impact of globalization, liberalization of trade markets, information age and consumerism been? How have the people’s cultural dispositions been conducive to this malaise? Finally, some recommendations for the future are presented in the conclusion section.


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This chapter has been prepared for presentation at the Plenary Session of the Interpol Global Academic Experts Meeting for Integrity In Sport, Singapore, 2012, and its research was made possible further to this global campaigns to strengthen integrity in sport.

I am heartily thankful for the opportunity to be part of this. I am grateful as well to Mr. Allan Kyobe Ssempebwa, for the help extended in conducting some of the interviews that greatly enriched this study.

List of Acronyms


Africa Cup of Nations


Court of Arbitration for Sport


Confederation of African Football


Council of East and Central African Football Associations


Council of Southern Africa Football Associations


Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa


East African Community


Economic Community of West African States


Eastern and Southern African Anti-Money Laundering Group


Football Association


Federation of International Football Associations


Federation of International Basketball Associations


Federation of Motorsport Clubs in Uganda


Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations


Federation of Uganda Football Associations


International Association of Athletics Federations


International Cricket Council


International Olympic Committee


International Tennis Federation


The National Association of Friends of Ugandan Soccer


National Council of Sports


National Union of Football Fans Associations


Southern African Development Community


Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation


Uganda Cricket Association


Uganda Footballers Association


Uganda Olympic Committee


Uganda Super League


Zimbabwe Football Association


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