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In November of 2012 INTERPOL organized a Global Experts Meeting, which brought together international experts from the academe to discuss issues surrounding match-fixing and how to combat corruption in football through channels of education. The purpose was to identify to what extent and in which ways academia can play a role in developing and implementing training modules and academic courses including certification procedures to prevent match-fixing and develop lines of study at all educational levels. It was anticipated that the proposals and partnerships that may stem from this meeting will help counteract the lack of international awareness of the problems associated with match-fixing and the degree to which key agents in sport, in particular young people, are vulnerable. In addition the feasibility of incorporating modules and courses focusing specifically on integrity in sport into graduate and post-graduate level was the identified as one of the objectives.

This final chapter provides a rough framework of concepts that were identified by the participants to be introduced, further discussed, vetted and/or implemented in the future. Furthermore, some additional ideas are presented about the possibility of engaging INTERPOL in future collaboration between the academic and practitioners worlds.


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Authors’ Note

This chapter was written based on the summary of the proceedings from the conference that took place in Singapore, on November 26 through 27th, hence the ideas presented here are a product of brainstorming of the participants who were engaged in original presentations and workshops prepared exclusively for this conference.


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