The Role of the Academe in Match-Fixing

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The academe, otherwise referred to as the University, has a long and rich history which is renowned for its contributions in the areas of research, education, and public service. Today, the academe continues to serve as a resource to an ever-increasing and expansive number of disciplines and constituencies, not the least of which includes the transnational study of crime within the greater criminal justice system. Given the pervasive and systemic problem of match-fixing which breeds corruption and undermines the integrity in sport, the academe has been identified as a valuable resource in addressing the problem of match-fixing. Specifically, it can assist in: (1) identifying the scope and breath of the problem, (2) identifying and collaborating with the key stakeholders in developing tactics and strategies to address the problem, and (3) develop comprehensive curricula, training, and educational programs for the various stakeholders, the greater sports community, and the public at-large.


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