Exponential Transforms, Resultants and Moments

  • Björn GustafssonEmail author
Part of the Trends in Mathematics book series (TM)


We give an overview of some recent developments concerning harmonic and other moments of plane domains, their relationship to the Cauchy and exponential transforms, and to the meromorphic resultant and elimination function. The paper also connects to certain topics in mathematical physics, for example domain deformations generated by harmonic gradients (Laplacian growth) and related integrable structures.


Cauchy transform Elimination function Exponential transform Laplacian growth Moment Polubarinova–Galin equation Quadrature domain Resultant String equation 



This work has been performed within the framework of the European Science Foundation Research Networking Programme HCAA and has been supported by the Swedish Research Council and the Göran Gustafsson Foundation.


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