Stratified Interpolyelectrolyte Complexes: Fabrication, Structure and Properties

  • Eduardo GuzmánEmail author
  • Marta Ruano
  • Francisco Ortega
  • Ramón G. Rubio
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


The electrostatic Layer-by-Layer (LbL) technique allows the fabrication of polyelectrolyte multilayers that can be considered as a special type of inter-polyelectrolyte complexes supported by a template (fluid or solid). The main characteristic that confers special interest to these interpolyelectrolyte complexes is the simplicity and versatility of the method used for their fabrication, although in some cases this may hide the complex influence of the different physico-chemical variables. The possibility to change ionic strength, pH, temperature, etc. and/or the composition makes possible to control the properties and structure of these systems. Furthermore, the compositional and structural richness of these systems opens multiple possibilities for the fabrication of nano-structured materials with tailored properties for numerous applications (from optical to nanomedical devices). This chapter deal with the physico-chemical background of the fabrication of supramolecular films by the LbL method as well as the key properties that should be managed in order to obtain functional materials following this approach.


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This work was supported in part by MINECO under Grant FIS2012-38231-C02-01, by ESA under Grants MAP AO-00-052 (FASES) and PASTA, and by EU under Grant Marie Curie ITN-COWET, and carried out in the framework of the ERF COST actions CM1101 “Colloidal Aspects of Nanoscience for Innovative Processes and Materials”. We are grateful to the UIRC of the CAI of Spectroscopy (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) for the use of their facilities.


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