Route to the Siamese-Twin Porphyrin

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I am not the first to conceive the structure of the Siamese-twin porphyrin. Already Lind and Katslaouni spent some effort to succeed in the synthesis of the described framework [1, 2]. Two main factors stymied progress in Lind’s 1987 dissertation: Firstly, the route to the key intermediate 1 was only feasible protecting the pyrazole-N1 with a benzylic protective group (Bn). However, its cleavage remained unsuccessful. The cyclization toward the Siamese-twin porphyrinogen 2 was still conducted, obtaining a mixture of regioisomers which could not be separated. Secondly, the following oxidation step of the left sp3 hybridized carbon atoms failed (Scheme 3.1). Katsiaouni also faced the latter problem and could not establish a reliable oxidation strategy.


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