Conformational Analysis and HF ab initio Geometry Optimization of Kyotorphine and Its Sulfo-Analogues Norsulfoarginine-Tyrosine and Tyrosine-Norsulfoarginine

  • Nicolay I. DodoffEmail author
  • Tatyana A. Dzimbova
  • Tamara I. Pajpanova
Part of the Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies book series (MOST, volume 2)


Molecular mechanics (MM) conformational search has been performed for the molecules of the endogenous dipeptide kyotorphin (kyo) and its synthetic sulfo-analogues norsulfoarginine-tyrosine (NsArg-Tyr) and tyrosine-norsulfoarginine (Tyr-NsArg). The MM-found minimum-energy conformations were further optimized at HF ab initio level (3-21G* basis set) in gas phase and in water medium. The non-ionic and the zwitter-ionic forms and the E- and Z-diastereomers of the dipeptides were considered. In all cases, all the lowest-energy conformations adopt a specific scorpion-like conformation with close proximity between the guanidino and phenolic residues. The relative enegies of the different forms, the geometric parameters and the role of the intramolecular hydrogen bonding in stabilizing the structures are discussed.


kyotorphin neuropeptide sulfo-analogues conformational analysis HF ab inito geometry optimization 


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  • Nicolay I. Dodoff
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    Email author
  • Tatyana A. Dzimbova
    • 1
  • Tamara I. Pajpanova
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  1. 1.Acad. RoumenTsanev Institute of Molecular BiologyBulgarian Academy of SciencesSophiaBulgaria

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