Device-Independent Witnesses of Genuine Multipartite Entanglement

  • Jean-Daniel BancalEmail author
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We consider the problem of determining whether genuine multipartite entanglement was produced in an experiment, without relying on a characterization of the systems observed or of the measurements performed. We present an n-partite inequality that is satisfied by all correlations produced by measurements on biseparable quantum states, but which can be violated by n-partite entangled states, such as Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states. In contrast to traditional entanglement witnesses, the violation of this inequality implies that the state is not biseparable independently of the Hilbert space dimension and of the measured operators. Violation of this inequality does not imply, however, genuine multipartite nonlocality. We show more generically how the problem of identifying genuine tripartite entanglement in a deviceindependent way can be addressed through semidefinite programming.



This work was supported by the Swiss NCCRs QP and QSIT, the European ERC-AG QORE, and the Brussels-Capital region through a BB2B grant.


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