An Introduction to the Kähler–Ricci Flow

  • Jian SongEmail author
  • Ben Weinkove
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 2086)


These notes give an introduction to the Kähler–Ricci flow. We give an exposition of a number of well-known results including: maximal existence time for the flow, convergence on manifolds with negative and zero first Chern class, and behavior of the flow in the case when the canonical bundle is big and nef. We also discuss the collapsing of the Kähler–Ricci flow on the product of a torus and a Riemann surface of genus greater than one. Finally, we discuss the connection between the flow and the minimal model program with scaling, the behavior of the flow on general Kähler surfaces and some other recent results and conjectures.


Minimal Model Program (MMP) Parabolic Complex Mori Fiber Space Mabuchi Energy Hermitian Metric 
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Jian Song is supported in by an NSF CAREER grant DMS-08-47524 and a Sloan Research Fellowship. Ben Weinkove is supported by the NSF grants DMS-08-48193 and DMS-11-05373.


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