Dynamics of Discrete Vortices

  • Mikhail A. Sokolovskiy
  • Jacques Verron
Part of the Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library book series (ATSL, volume 47)


This chapter deals mostly with the dynamics of discrete vortices in a two-layer fluid and has the following structure. First, two vortices (a simplest heton) are used to demonstrate the characteristic features of a system of baroclinic vortices, after which, the results of analytical and numerical studying of vortex ensembles are studied, starting from relatively complex (systems of A and A + 1 vortices) with arbitrary A to simpler ones with A = 2. A class of motions of axisymmetric vortex structures in an external deformation field. The possibility of formation of chaotic regimes is examined. The last subsection of the chapter gives formulas describing the motion of simplest stationary vortex structures in a three-layer fluid.


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