QoS Synchronization of Web Services: A Multi Agent-Based Model

  • Jaber KoukiEmail author
  • Walid Chainbi
  • Khaled Ghedira
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 217)


From the last decade, Web services technology has witnessed a great adoption rate as a new paradigm of communication and interoperability between different software systems. This fact, has led to the emergence of Web services and to their proliferation from outside the boundary of the UDDI business registry to other potential service resources such as public and private service registries, service portals, and so on. The main challenge that arises from this situation is the fact that for the same service implementation, several service descriptions are published in different service registries. Accordingly, if the service implementation is updated all of its descriptions have to be updated too over all of these registries. Otherwise, the service user may not bind to the suitable Web service if its descriptions are inaccurate or outdated. To address the above challenge, we propose in this paper a multi agent-based model that focuses on synchronizing the description of Web services, especially their quality of service, to maintain their consistency and sustainable use.


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  1. 1.High Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis/SOIETunisTunisia
  2. 2.Sousse National School of Engineers/SOIESousseTunisia
  3. 3.Higher Management Institute of Tunis/SOIETunisTunisia

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