Agent and Knowledge Models for a Distributed Imaging System

  • Naoufel KhayatiEmail author
  • Wided Lejouad-Chaari
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 217)


Program Supervision aims at automating the use of complex programs, independently of any particular application domain. Program Supervision Systems offer original approaches to plan and control program processing activities. Since real applications imply more and more participants on various sites, we worked on the distribution of such systems. Therefore, given distributed data, programs and knowledge, our aim is to propose convenient and efficient models for distributing program supervision systems dealing with image processing and image analysis. In this paper, we present the Agent and Knowledge Models we used for the distributed, collaborative and intelligent assistant for image processing and its analysis. It is collaborative because the participants (knowledge-bases designers, program developers and other users) can work collaboratively to enhance the quality of programs and then the quality of the results. It is intelligent since it is a knowledge-based system including, but not only, a knowledge base, an inference engine said “supervision engine” and ontologies.


Program Supervision Distributed Program Supervision Systems Mobile Agents Knowledge Model Ontologies Image Analysis 


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