The Cloud of Things Empowered Smart Grid Cities

  • Stamatis KarnouskosEmail author
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The emergence of the Smart Grid era fuels a new generation of innovative applications and services that are built upon fine-grained monitoring and control capabilities pertaining the underlying infrastructure, such as that of future Smart Cities. Collection, processing and analytics on the Internet of Things of massively generated data, as well as potential management functions will emerge; therefore making a reality informed real-time decision making as well as its enforcement in a timely manner over complex infrastructures. The prevalence of the Cloud and its services, can very well complement the Internet of Things when it comes to massive data management, giving rise to the Cloud of Things (CoT). For the next generation applications, the CoT can enable access to generic multi-modal energy services, on-top of which development of more sophisticated solutions can be realized. We depict here such Smart Grid services for the Smart City of the future, as well as experiences from their realization.


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The author would like to thank Dejan Ilic and Per Goncalves Da Silva of SAP Research, as well as the partners of the EU research projects NOBEL ( and SmartKYE (


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