Effect of Limited Stirring on the Belousov Zhabotinsky Reaction

  • Florian WodleiEmail author
  • Mihnea R. Hristea
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The effect of a limited stirring phase on the general behavior of the periodic color change in the Belousov Zhabotinsky was investigated systematically. The effects of stirring on the BZ reaction has other consequences too apart from the pure homogenization of the system. We have investigated the system under different conditions (changing dimensions and volume of the beaker, different stirring rates and times). We found that the stirring can result in the disappearance of an aperiodic phase which is present in the non-stirred case. We suppose that the stirring time plays the role of a ‘bifurcation parameter’.


Belousov Zhabotinsky reaction Stirring Rotational flow 



Intensive and fruitful discussions with Christian Wodlei and Oliver Pirker are gratefully acknowledged. We thank Sampurna Chaterjee (Max Planck Institute of Neurological Research, Cologne, Germany) and Debabrata Deb (Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, USA) for the English language support and also for productive discussions.


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