Vulnerability Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems

  • Gaihua FuEmail author
  • Mehdi Khoury
  • Richard Dawson
  • Seth Bullock
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Complex network approaches have been used to analyse physical or social networks. Previous research has tended to focus on studying single, isolated systems and ignores the fact that many of these systems are developing into a “network of networks”. Over the years these systems have become increasingly interconnected. Due to this interdependence the failure of one network component may propagate across the system of systems, resulting in cascading failure. This research studies interdependent networks from a “system-of-systems” perspective, and a suite of tools have been developed to analyse infrastructure networks and their associated interdependencies. The aim of this research is to facilitate system-scale understanding of infrastructure networks and the implications of interdependencies between them. This understanding could be used to improve the design of infrastructure that is more resilient and adaptable to natural and manmade hazards.


Complex networks Interdependencies Vulnerability Cascading failure 



This research is sponsored under the UK EPSRC grant no EP/I005943/1.


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  • Gaihua Fu
    • 1
    Email author
  • Mehdi Khoury
    • 2
  • Richard Dawson
    • 1
  • Seth Bullock
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  1. 1.Newcastle UniversityNewcastle upon TyneUK
  2. 2.University of SouthamptonSouthamptonUK

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