How to engage current and future space actors

  • Driss El Hadani
Part of the Studies in Space Policy book series (STUDSPACE, volume 4)


Since the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, space activities have been characterised by a situation of strategic competition between space powers based on geopolitical considerations. Despite this competition, during the last 50 years international cooperation has played an important role in the development of space uses and utilisations. Nevertheless, over the past decade the emergence of new actors, geopolitical developments and technological advances have shaped a new landscape. The changing international environment (greater risks and more competition) is impacting the way nations use space. Several factors have made space more important for national security including: the international influence that space activities can bring, the technological capabilities that space programmes allow nations to acquire and the informational advantages that space assets and services bring to security operations. Space actors are the international community (current and future) and they are facing new challenges to achieve a global commitment for a responsible and fair use of space.


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