Digital Subtraction Angiography in Carotid Artery Stenosis

  • A. Srinivasan
  • M. Goyal


Atherosclerotic disease of the craniocervical vessels is the underlying basis for cerebral thromboembolic stroke in more than 90% of cases in industrialized nations [19]. Craniocervical atherosclerotic vascular disease most commonly and severely affects the internal carotid artery (ICA) origin and the distal basilar artery [19]. The clinical symptoms and morbidity that result from carotid artery disease, the primary cause of stroke, are mainly due to plaque ulceration, thrombosis, intraplaque hemorrhage, and thinned fibrous caps [24]. Clinical benefit of treating symptomatic, severe carotid stenosis has been demonstrated in a number of trials [18], [10]. Therefore the goals of imaging in atherosclerotic craniocervical disease are to determine the degree of carotid stenosis, identify ‘tandem’ lesions in the carotid siphon or intracranial circulation and to evaluate the existing and potential collateral circulation [27]. Conventional catheter angiography remains the standard technique against which other non-invasive modalities (CT, MR) are assessed.


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