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  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
  • Gérard Bornet
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Analysis of the Proposition (terms, copula). Conception. Terms thought of without limitation the whole or under limitation part. Principle of contradiction. Conversion of propositions. Reasoning, the dictum, the supplementary dicta of Lambert etc. The question as to the ultimate nature of the proposition whether an equation or not — also as to the ultimate principles of reasoning — whether it is the dictum or the completed dicta or the principles of identity contradiction excluded middle Sufficient reason. Design of the Laws of Thought. Contemporaneously with the development of the ordinary Logic there has been a development of mathematical science. This is reasoning exercised upon a particular subject — and the inquiry arose whether the analysis of its methods may not suggest methods more complete than those in existence before — Design of the present work, to pursue this investigation into its philosophical consequences, i.e. to inquire what light the processes of the laws of thought throw upon the philosophy of Logic — what interpretation they admit within the sphere of pure Logic


Mathematical Science Limitation Part Direct Inference Primary Conception Direct Operation 
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