Elementary Treatise on Logic not Mathematical including Philosophy of Mathematical Reasoning

  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
  • Gérard Bornet
Part of the Science Networks · Historical Studies book series (SNHS, volume 20)


The object of Logic as a Science is to explain the laws of those mental operations by which ordinary Reasoning is conducted. The design of Logic as an Art is to exhibit the most useful general forms in which valid argument may be expressed. These objects are perfectly distinct. We might possess an exact knowledge of the ultimate laws of thought without caring to deduce from them the rules of Logic as an Art. On the other hand we might collect by observation a large number of lawful forms of argument, without possessing any acquaintance with the ultimate laws to which as their origin they may be referred


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  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
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  • Gérard Bornet
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  2. 2.Philosophisches SeminarUniversité MiséricordeFribourgSwitzerland

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