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Letters to Cayley, Lubbock and Penrose

  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
  • Gérard Bornet
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I was very much obliged to you for the Mathematical Analysis of Logic 1 which I received a day or two ago. I have not, as you may imagine, in a subject so new to me, been able to master much of it yet. Is not the proposition that all the operations of common algebra are applicable to your symbols, p. 18, stated too generally:2 division does not appear to me to be so; xa = xb does not imply a = b at least as I understand your definitions


Numerical Constant Logical Dependence Arbitrary Coefficient Divine Attribute Perfect Goodness 
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  • Gérard Bornet
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  2. 2.Philosophisches SeminarUniversité MiséricordeFribourgSwitzerland

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