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  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
  • Gérard Bornet
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There is perhaps no property of the human mind which is so wonderful as its power of introspection. That it should be capable of sustaining the dual relation of subject and object, that it should be able to investigate its own constitution to engage its faculties in the study of themselves is a fact which if we apprehend it at all we cannot apprehend without admiration. I speak here in a more especial manner of the mind in its intellectual capacity in its faculties of thought and reasoning as distinguished from those which are concerned with emotion and will. And within the compass thus marked out how many questions of deep interest present themselves. Is it for example possible to establish anything like unanimity of sentiment in a field of enquiry which while it lies open to every man’s personal observation has above all others been fruitful in controversy? Is it possible to arrive at a just estimate of truths which Aristotle regarded as the foundation of philosophy and which Locke pronounced to be “trifling”, which the pro- [A11(b)/11 found mind of Leibnitz would within the province of Logic at least have raised to their ancient repute and which the clearest and most popular of modern expositors of the Science seems equally disposed to ignore? And if these things are possible what finally is the nature of that system of laws the knowledge of which must appear as at once a revelation of consciousness and a reward of careful and philosophical enquiry?


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