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Note [to Aristotle]

  • Ivor Grattan-Guinness
  • Gérard Bornet
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We must moreover say whether the enquiry concerning the so-called axioms in mathematics and the enquiry concerning Being, belong to one or to different sciences. It is manifest that the speculation concerning these things belongs to one science, — and that the science of the philosopher. For these things relate to all existences and not to any genus of things separately from others and all make use of this principle that whatever exists may be considered in respect of existence and that each genus of things partakes of being. And of this principle they make use so far as is convenient for them to do — and that is so far as the genus concerning which they make their demonstrations offers occasion. Wherefore as it is manifest that the properties of pure being belong to all things (for this is common to them all) so the speculation of him who would recognize being as being must take account of these. Wherefore none of those who view things only in part as the geometer and the arithmetician undertakes to say anything respecting these (properties of pure being) as to whether they are true or false. Some of the physical philosophers however perhaps do this. For they alone supposed themselves to extend their views to all nature and to Being. Since however there is a higher than the physical philosopher (for physical nature is but a genus of Being) so there is an enquiry2,which has reference to the Universal and to the speculative consideration concerning the Primary Existence


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