Rate Distribution Modeling for Structured Heterogeneous Populations

  • Ben G. Fitzpatrick
Conference paper
Part of the ISNM International Series of Numerical Mathematics book series (ISNM, volume 118)


We propose a modeling strategy for structured populations, in which individuals are not necessarily identical. The heterogeneity is obtained by modeling the population as comprising homogeneous subpopulations. By using a vector measure, we combine the subpopulations with an abstract integral to obtain the density of the population. We show that this approach leads to a semigroup formulation of the dynamics in a space of vector measures, and we develop some estimation methods for determining the initial structure from observed data.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

46G10 92D25 92D40 

Key words and phrases

Rate distributions vector measures semigroups estimation 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ben G. Fitzpatrick
    • 1
  1. 1.Center for Research in Scientific Computation Department of MathematicsNorth Carolina State UniversityRaleighUSA

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