A Mosaic of Reminiscences

  • Victor Ya. Frenkel


In the previous — especially in the last three — chapters one could find from time to time my personal reminiscences about some events of J.I.’s life. I think and hope, however, that my readers (“If”, as the great Russian poet Pushkin wrote, “God should give me readers!”) will agree with me that I myself, as a rule, “stayed off stage.” I was 21 years old when my father died, so I knew him well and I remember a lot. I would like in conclusion to share some of my reminiscences which are presented as separate (quantum) episodes not necessarily tied together.


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  1. 2).
    It was not necessary to explain the situation for the Russian readers, but maybe I should explain for foreigners that the food given to Father was taken from a more than modest reserve and that of course Grandmother always had her own share.Google Scholar
  2. 3).
    The state plan to electrify Russia.Google Scholar
  3. 4).
    When in 1980 I undertook to publish this book (under my editorship) as the first issue of «The Library of the Journal «Quant»» which is so popular now, for me it was a tribute not only to Bronstein’s memory but to my father’s memory as well.Google Scholar
  4. 5).
    This village was situated 100 miles from Leningrad and was the homeland of Maria (Masha) and Daria (Dasha) Nikolaevs, two sisters who connected their lives with our family and lived with us for more than 3 decades, until they died.Google Scholar
  5. 6).
    This order gave a nominal right to buy some firewood.Google Scholar

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