Years 1945-1952

  • Victor Ya. Frenkel


In the festive month of May, 1945, in Moscow and Leningrad meetings of the anniversary session of the Academy of Sciences were held. Formally they were devoted to the 220th anniversary of the Academy, but every participant regarded them as a celebration of the return to peaceful life and to the normal international scientific relations broken by the war.


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    This is the sadly famous session of the V.I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VASHNIL) where T.D. Lysenko and his sympathizers smashed Soviet genetics.Google Scholar
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    It is appropriate to cite two responses to J.I.’s «Wave Mechanics». The first one is from Richard Feynman and was expressed in a private letter to me and then included, with his permission, in a paper about my father. Here is the testimony of the greatest contemporary theoretician: «May I add that your father’s great books on wave mechanics were a strong and valuable influence on me when I was a student». I heard about the other response just recently. Recalling the year 1941 and his many days’ evacuation way to Ashkhabad, A.D. Sakharov wrote: «We spent ten days in Murom waiting for the train. These days happened somehow to be very fruitful for me scientifically: reading Frenkel’s books on quantum («wave») mechanics and the theory of relativity, I understood a lot all at once.»Google Scholar
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