Years of War

  • Victor Ya. Frenkel


On Sunday, June 22, 1941, J.I. woke up early as usual, had breakfast and started working in his study. A preexam consultation had been scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Polytechnic Institute; it was the end of spring examinations, and Frenkel with his family would be going on vacation afterwards. The resort place had been chosen and the train tickets even purchased long before. But then the radio brought terrible news about war: for several hours the fight had already been thundering on the western borders of the USSR. A deep gulf emerged in the life of every Soviet citizen, and everything, even recent happenings, became distant: “this occurred yet before the war”.


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    Recently Professor I.I. Zuckerman, in the article «My teacher», dedicated to the memory of G.A. Grinberg, recalled how he had entered the People’s Emergency Volunteer Corps at the very beginning of the war: «My decision [to enroll — V.F.] was directly influenced by what I had been told in the Dean’s Office [of the Physics and Mechanics Deptartment of the Leningrad Polytechnic, where he had just completed his third year — V.F.]: among the enlisted volunteers were Jacov Il’ich Frenkel and Georgiy Abramovich Grinberg.»Google Scholar
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    This very curve was discovered later by E.K. Zavoysky with the broadening of the frequency range — V.F.Google Scholar
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