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Suppose we have a sequence G1G2 ⊂ ··· ⊂ G n ⊂ ··· of groups. A natural question to ask is the following: for a fixed k is there an integer n(k) such that the map
$$ H_k (G_i ) \to H_k (G_{i + 1} ) $$
is an isomorphism for in(k)? The answer is certainly no if for example G n is the free abelian group of rank n, but there are many examples for which stability does happen. For example, there are stability results for the sequence of symmetric groups [89] and also for the mapping class groups of orientable surfaces [54] (g = genus, r = number of boundary components);H k stabilizes at n = 2k in the first case and at g = 3k in the second.


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