Implications and Inferences of Metallothionein Structure

  • Bert L. Vallee
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Since its detection in 1957 Metallothionein and its possible function have provided a splendid source of frustration for the many who have been attracted to this Sphinx and tempted to solve its riddle. There is no need to recite the many valiant efforts that were thoroughly aired during the First International Symposium on Metallothionein which took place here in Zurich in 1979 organized as the present one by Dr. Jeremias H.R. Kägi and which is now available to everyone (Metallothionein, Ed. J.H.R. Kägi and M. Nordberg, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 1979). This is an appropriate occasion to pay Dr. Kägi tribute both for his fundamental contributions to the subject dating back to its establishment and his successful efforts to ensure communication among the now numerous workers in many disciplines approaching the subject from very diversified points of view through equally different avenues of approach.


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