Boolean Constructed Cubature Formulas of Interpolatory Type

  • Gerd Neumann
Part of the ISNM 57: International Series of Numerical Mathematics / Internationale Schriftenreihe zur Numerischen Mathematik / Série internationale d’Analyse numérique book series (ISNM, volume 57)


Gordon [3], [4] introduced the Boolean method of multivariate interpolation. In the two-dimensional case Delvos-Posdorf [2] considered interpolation projectors which are Boolean sums of R tensor product Lagrange interpolation projectors. In this paper these R-th order projectors are used to construct cubature formulas of interpolatory type. For these cubature formulas we determine the degree of polynomial exactness. As an application the minimum point formulas of Morrow-Patterson [8] are constructed by Boolean methods.


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