Kinetic Equations and Linear Response Theory for Dense Coulomb Fluids

  • W. Ebeling
  • Yu. L. Klimontovich
  • W. D. Kraeft
  • G. Röpke
Part of the Experientia Supplementum book series (EXS, volume 47)


As demonstrated in the foregoing chapters the increasing interest to dense nonideal plasmas is due to its importance for many problems of practical interest as thermonuclear fusion, MEGD-generators, extreme pressure devices, highly doped or excited semiconductors, liquid metals etc. [1, 2, 3]. On the basis of the new experimental facts and the new physical models which were presented in part in chapters 1 and 2 the theoretical study of nonideal fluids with Coulombic interactions was the subject of many investigations [1–4]. The simplest model of a plasma is the one-component plasma (OOP) model [4]. The OCP-model is clearly insufficient for the study of transport properties which are mainly due to the quantum-mechanical scattering processes between electrons and ions. Therefore our investigation is based on the many component quantum plasma (MCQP) model considering the electrons as light quantum particles subject to Fermi statistics and the ions as heavy nearly classical particles. The plasma is characterized by the following Hamiltonian Chapter 4
$$ H = \sum\limits_a {\sum\limits_i {\frac{{p_i^2}} {{2ma}} + \frac{1} {2}\sum\limits_{ab} {\sum\limits_{ij} {{\Phi _{ab}}\left( {\left| {{r_i} - {r_j}} \right|} \right)} } } } $$
where the first term represents the kinetic energy while the second one is the potential part with Ф ab being the two particle interaction energy between species a and b. The summations over a, b, ... run over the species and the summations over i, j, ... run over the number of particles of the corresponding species.


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  • W. D. Kraeft
  • G. Röpke

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